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Massage is meant for Relaxation. Massage therapists are the one who acts on human body to relieve pain and stress.

This Massage therapy course is designed to make you a professional massage therapist. This course starts from the science of human body and its normal functions. With a complete guided training, you will learn detailed massage steps, Pre and Post Preparation, what to suggest clients after a massage. To make you a total expert in Human body relaxation, this course also includes popular bath and Scrub techniques. Have you heard about Moroccan bath? You’ll be learning that too.

Teaching is not enough. At Riva, we take care of your overall progress as a Professional Massage therapist and provide support whenever needed. In the end, we both share the common goal: Make People Relax.

Key Focus

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pathology and Infectious Diseases
  • Pre-Requisite of Massage
  • Types of Massage
  • Massage Steps
  • Post Massage Procedures
  • Home care Advice
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Body Equipment
  • Therapist Etiquettes
  • Bath – Bridal, Turkish, Mud
  • Moroccan Bath
  • Ayurvedic bath
  • Scrubs
  • Business Practices

Career as Massage Therapist

Career as a Massage Therapist is a profession of Passion and hard work. You can start aspa and go your own way or can join an Institution as a Professional Massage Therapist. You get paid for your skills and experience like any other profession. Professional Massage Therapist gets opportunity to work in different countries.

Why Riva

Riva excellence is backed by Smart In-demand Training and Hands-on experience. With our own Spa, Students get productive and confident training and Real client experience. To unlock opportunities beyond borders, we train you for worldwide acceptance. Health and Safety,Client consultation and biological aspects of beauty treatments are common practice in all our courses and workshop. By choosing RIVA, you get:

  • Training by Qualified Experts and Professionals: All our Trainers are certified and Experienced Experts of the Industry.
  • Job Assistance: Either in India or Internationally, we provide Job assistance for all our students and Trainee.
  • Hands-on Experience: All courses and workshop include hands-on Client experience. We believe in productive and Practical knowledge
  • Training the Right way: Our curriculum is designed to give the Right Training. With all Health and Safety procedure, we train you with best practices only.
  • High quality Products and Equipment: We believe in Quality training, so we only prefer High Quality Tools and Products. Expertise doesn’t come cheap and we afford them for you.
  • Certification of Real value: Our Riva Institute certificates is enough for you to find all the possible opportunity. If you like to go beyond and get Organisational board certificate, we provide assistance for that as well.

Training at Riva will ensure that not only will you gain real commercial skills from our courses; you will become part of the extended Riva Family and take away with you a piece of the culture and Belief.

Exclusive Courses

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